Welcome to the Wildlife Museum. I am Eduardo Romero Nieto, president and trustee of the foundation which manages the Museum.
I am doctor in dermatology, and my profession allowed me to travel around the world in order to participate in numerous conferences and lectures. On the other hand, my fondness for hunting and adventure, and eager interest on different cultures, led me to create an extensive collection of animals and objects related to wild life.
My passion for nature has led me to promote the creation of this museum: a non-profit organization, with the intention to divulge, gain awareness, and for the conservation of our planet´s natural heritage.
This museum is the result of many years of work. The inexistence of a wild life museum in Europe led to the creation of this unique museum; after visiting the museums in Denver and New York.
At the moment, the Museo de la Fauna Salvaje is unique in the world, due to the extensive and complete collection of animals representing all our continents; in addition to its location in a unique setting, incomparable frame for this tour you are about to initiate.
This project was carried out with the cooperation, and form part of the Board, various institutions as the Provincial Delegation of León, City Council of Boñar, and the University of León. We count with the participation of the Junta de Castilla y León, Duero Hydrographic Confederation, zoos, circuses, wildlife parks, other museums; as well as research centers and centers for investigation and control of wildlife diseases. We also reach our appreciation to the donations of his ornithological collection made by José Luis Blanco; as well as some of the animals in exhibition donated by Mr. Juan Arregui and the Diputación Foral de Álava.
The museum´s future prospects and plans are ambitious. We have a research department working in close collaboration with the University of León. We also have a core of wild animals in semi-wild conditions in the forest surrounding the museum, where we carry out wildlife and botanical tours.
We place our outmost care to faithfully reproduce the scenes and environments. Thank you for coming and we hope you may enjoy what you are about to experience.
Museum in Figures
Building of approximately 2,300 square meters
Wildlife representing our five continents
400 full bodied large mammals
200 small mammals
100 primates
50 reptiles
6000 different species of insects
Over 2000 birds
Approximately 5000 square meters of dioramas with fresco paintings
Conference room, meeting room, library, art gallery, gift shop, restaurant,
coffee shop, terrace, kiosk bar with outdoor sitting for 100 persons.


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